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CQG Data Technology

CQG delivers low-latency connectivity to the futures exchanges. CQG’s trade execution and data distribution powers front-end solutions with market data engineered for speed and reliability. Traders need fast, accurate data, as well as seamless operation between analysis and trading execution. When routing orders through CQG, all orders, cancellations, and modifications are sent by CQG through the most robust connection possible to redundant servers using SSl encryption to secure trading information.

CQG continues to have the highest commitment to providing reliable accurate data. Primary and fail over data centers worldwide ensure uninterrupted market data distribution. A data quality group monitors CQG’s global data network 24 hours a day to ensure traders get the high quality data traders demand.

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The industry’s highest-quality, accurate, and reliable global market data. Dedicated teams of specialists in five locations across the globe covering the US, Europe, and Asia actively maintain data quality. Whether it is a trade execution or data distribution solution you seek, CQG gives traders the best data to work with.


Traders need reliable high-speed access to today’s electronic markets. CQG’s network of Hosted Exchange Gateways provides low-latency connections to major cash and futures exchanges. CQG delivers a low-latency market data feed covering multiple asset classes.


Market data feeds from over one hundred exchanges around the globe. Connect to any of CQG’s hosted data centers worldwide. Connect to more than forty exchanges for order routing via our ASP model and single point of connection. Whether traders want to add exchanges, trade routing connectivity to your platform, or additional multi-asset capability, CQG is the solution for that meets traders needs. 

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