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Exchange Membership

Exchange membership enable clients to trade specific products at preferential clearing rates. Exchange memberships can be leased or purchased. Several categories of memberships are available and each facilitates specific trading objectives. Clients who wish to cross-trade products at reduced clearing rates, clients need to hold memberships at each of the exchanges involved. The rights and privileges of memberships are exchange specific.

High volume traders of CME, CBOT, and ICE futures products can take advantage of reduced exchange fees by qualifying for an exchange membership through, leasing, or purchasing a seat. Normally, retail traders pay $1.20 Р$2.30 r/t in exchange fees depending on what products you trade and $.02 r/t in NFA fees. As an exchange member, traders do not pay any NFA fees and enjoy the reduced exchange fees. Please contact us for further information or for application.

Supported Exchange Membership:

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