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ICE Membership

ICE Exchange Membership program offers individual traders a reduced exchanges fee of $0.35/side (normally $1.30/side) for the Russell Contracts:

  • Mini Russell 2000 Index (TF)
  • Mini Russell 2000 Value Index (V2)
  • Mini Russell 2000 Growth Index (G2)
  • Mini Russell 1000 Index (RF)
  • Mini Russell 1000 Value Index (RV)
  • Mini Russell 1000 Growth Index (RG)

Futures contracts executed by the trader in their proprietary accounts(s) are eligible for reduced exchange fees, and a trader must trade at least 400 sides (200 RT) of the Russell Contract in a month to be eligible for the reduced exchange fees. Block trades and EFP transactions in the Mini Russell 2000 Index (TF) futures contracts shall not be eligible for reduced exchange fees; block trades and EFP transactions in the other Russell Index contracts are eligible for reduced fees. The difference between the rates charged the participant in this ICE Exchange Membership program and the standard non-member fees for Russell transactions in these contracts is rebated to the program participant through the traders clearing firm.

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