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InsideEdge Trader

InsideEdge Trader is a powerful trading platform supporting any trading style. Day traders to professional money manager will benefit from the platforms adaptable technical tools including chart trading, advanced volume analysis, and programmable execution strategies.

InsideEdge Trader Platform Fee:

  • Standard – $59 per month
  • Automation – $109 per month
  • Professional – $159 per month

Rithmic Data Technology:

  • Data Fee – $20 per month
  • Execution Fee – $0.25 per side

CQG Data Technology:

  • Data Fee – $10 per month
  • Execution Fee – $0.10 per side

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InsideEdge Trader Overview:

The Standard version of InsideEdge Trader is a complete charting and trading platform. The software uses accurate real time data sourced from iQFeed, historical data, multiple order entry tools, including trading through the charts, unlimited simulation, complete and customizable charting indicators, and drawing tools.

The Automation version adds the ability to build trade strategies with a simple dialog based interface. This version also allows you to take signals from third party platforms such as Trade Station and route them to your broker of choice.

The Professional version adds advanced tick by tick order flow analysis in simple to view charts with split volume, cumulative delta studies and the institutional volume filter. This version is a must have for the serious trader that want to watch the auction market process in action.

Innovative Order Entry:

Trading through the charts is the easiest order entry method with InsideEdge Trader. Trade by clicking on the price bars or candles to enter and manage trades.

Multiple Depth of Market (DOM) windows allow the user to track the markets, orders, and positions through their choice, the Simple DOM, Scalping DOM, or Multi (3x) DOM.

Advanced Order Strategies:

Advanced Order Strategies provides an easy interface to build advanced combinations of intelligent orders such as bracket orders, trailing stops, indicator trailing stops, average price and net position tracking.

Configure a combination of intelligent orders to create the desired behavior for entering or exiting a trade. Each order can be setup to automatically modify its price or volume depending on external conditions. Pre and Post conditions defines what should happen prior to or after an order completes (filled or canceled).

Automated strategies built in third party software such as TradeStation or eSignal can be configured to take advantage of the speed of Rithmic on InsideEdge Trader.

Strategy Development and Account Management:

Using the principles of state-event machines, time sequenced strategies can be built that allows step by step condition evaluation prior to triggering a trade. No programming skills are required since the strategy is created using built in dialogs and menus.

The account manager provides a summary view of the existing accounts including both simulated and live, information on markets that have been traded on each account, as well as the last recorded position. Run fill reports on each account for advanced performance statistics and analysis.

Replay tick by tick market data in real time or speed up the replay to practice trading during off hours to backtest developed strategies.

Market Profile:

One of the few platforms developed for Market Profile traders, Inside Edge allows you to gain and understanding of markets that was previously reserved for exchange members only. By combining time, price, and volume in one display, you are enabled to analyze and reveal pricing patterns from any market as they develop.

Order flow analytics delivers volume study indicators with trade size filtering such as cumulative delta, split volume and Buy/Sell differentials. Use long term Volume Profiling histograms with trade size filtering to help identify market structure. Learn when institutions are coming into the market using the institutional volume filter to track the bid/ask activity at any point in time.

Complete Charting Package:

InsideEdge Trader includes unlimited charts in any increment for any electronic market. The charts have several years of accurate tick data directly from the exchanges. The charts can be configured in any time, tick, renko, volume, heikin-ashi or range-bar based interval and can include any indicator. Charts are customizable, flexible, user-friendly and include a diverse set of educator charts available.

Order Strategies:

Automatic order strategies give you the edge by allowing you to pre-define your money management strategy. This helps enforce consistency and discipline for your trading methodology. Users can create unlimited entry and exit strategies that trigger upon an event, such as a fill or mouse click.

Order Flow Analysis and Trade Automation:

The Professional and Auto versions provide easy to use order flow analysis, lot filtering, cumulative delta and volume profiling features that allows you to trade like the a professional trader. Using the trade automation features you can automate your strategies and remove your emotions for your

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