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JigSaw Trading

JigSaw Trading mission is to deliver rich, meaningful and useful trading information, enabling traders to make more informed trading decisions both in entering and managing trading positions. JigSaw doesn’t just deliver the tools and walk away, their publicly available “Order Flow Foundation” training course is FREE of charge.

JigSaw Trading Fee:

  • DayTradr Independent – $579 Lifetime
  • DayTradr Professional – $879 Lifetime
  • DayTradr Institutional – $1,689 Lifetime

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Depth & Sales:

An innovative Trading DOM that goes far beyond the functionality of any other Trading DOM on the market. It is a fully integrated Order Flow tool giving you an unparalleled view of market strength and manipulation.  JigSaw DOM is the only DOM that clearly shows participants pulling and stacking order activity.

Reconstructed Tape:

The only Time & Sales product on the market that accurately reconstructs trades “split” by the US Futures exchanges.  This tool zero’s in on showing which side larger market participants are on, with additional readability features that ensure maximum absorption of information.

Summary Tape:

A “side by side” rolling summary of trade executions at each level, with built in rolling delta.

Strength Meters:

Visual Meters for 3 major order flow components. Trade Executions, Pulling & Stacking, Bids and Offers.


Audio & Visual alerts for common order flow events such as Iceberg Order Detection, Delta Divergence, Bid/Offer Absorption and Block Trades


Whenever traders place a trade, they do so because they expect other traders to behave a certain way after you enter. It doesn’t matter where traders want to get into the market or why; traders will benefit from knowing how the behavior of traders is developing as traders get to the point where they want to take a trade. Once traders are in a trade, they can monitor trader behavior and cut obvious losers before trades hit your stop loss. The tools offer everything traders can expect from a traditional DOM and Time & Sales but with many advanced features not present on traditional tools. Using Jigsaw to observe the flow of orders and the effect on price gives you an edge few traders have.

Educational Material:

Jigsaw don’t just deliver the tools and walk away. Their publicly available “Order Flow Foundation” training course is available to all, free of charge. Now being used in the trading programs of Proprietary Trading firms in both the UK and Australia, with over 9 hours of training material, this course takes you from order flow novice to practitioner.

Community & Live Chat:

Jigsaw actively encourages communication between users of the software. Many customers have YouTube pages and blogs explaining how they use the software, along with live trade videos. Jigsaw has their own YouTube Channel and Blog, which has both material from Jigsaw and customers. In addition to this, there is a free chat room that all customers have access to. This is busiest around the open of the US markets. There’s even a button on the tools to take you directly to the chat.


If you have any issues with the products, Jigsaw have a ticket system that you can use to log issues and you can always come into the chat room or send them an email if something doesn’t seem right.

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