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R | Trader Pro

R | Trader Pro is a front-end trading platform with charts and real time interface to and from Microsoft Office Excel. With R | Trader Pro, traders can view about 100 studies and stream them in real time into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. With the power of Excel, traders may develop indicators and use Rithmic’s two way real time interface to configure trades to be sent back into R | Trader Execution Platform through R | Trader Pro automatically or with a click of a button. R | Trader Pro incorporates an intuitive left click = buy / right click = sell, single click trading functionality, and advanced account management features with multi-account access.

R | Trader Platform Fee:

  • Pro – $20 per month

Rithmic Data Technology:

  • Data Fee – $20 per month
  • Execution Fee – $0.25 per side

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R | Trader Pro Server Co-Location:

R | Trader Pro Features:

  • Add custom charts and indicators to see technical price action
  • Dozens of build in indicators and formulas for back testing strategies
  • Draw secondary technical studies and overlays with ease
  • Charts and studies can be customized in size and dimension
  • Recent Orders window displays information about working orders, completed orders, and can be used to modify orders
  • Order Book window displays real time market depth and to place and manage orders for a particular contract
  • Trader Dashboard window displays information about contract positions and profit and loss for each account to which you have access
  • Quote Board displays market data and to place new orders
  • Strategy Board window displays the composition of exchange listed strategy instruments, real time prices,legs, and synthetic calculation of the strategy
  • Time Charts used to analyze historical market data, plot real-time data and trade your account
  • Trades route over Rithmic’s infrastructure for fast speed and low latency

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