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Rithmic Data Technology

Rithmic provides reliable exchange connectivity and fast order routing through industry leading front-end solutions. These high performance trading platforms give futures traders the necessary features to execute their plan efficiently. Each trader has their own unique methodology and their front-end solution should fit their needs.

Rithmic’s data and order routing engine are co-located with the exchanges and core Internet carriers at CME Aurora Data Center. This provides the network capacity to provide the maximum bandwidth, speed, and reliability needed by all types of traders and institutions. The engine was built to support as much data as the exchanges can distribute and route orders in less than 100 milliseconds. Over 18 major Internet carriers are used to ensure network availability when individual Internet carriers fail.

Supported Exchange Access:

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Unfiltered Tick Data:

Many traders have experienced latency and delayed market updates but few were aware how little of the actual market movement they were seeing even when their platforms appeared to be ‘keeping up’ with the market. Most systems are unable to keep up with volatile markets and compensate by dropping price data and only sending the latest updates – sometimes referred to as “filtering.” This helps keep the prices current but doesn’t provide a true look at how the markets are trading.

Rithmic provides unfiltered price data. This can easily be seen during active market periods such as economic releases, but is also visible during slower conditions when automated systems are seen rapidly placing and canceling orders at particular price levels. The “fluttering” can often cause the actual quantity to become a blur as it updates in real-time. Market volatility creates opportunity, but for some trading systems, it creates problems. Rithmic’s advanced technology provides unfiltered tick data, which allows traders to view how the markets are actually trading. Isn’t it time to see the market the way it was supposed to be seen?

Robust Managed Infrastructure:

With no single point of failure, the Rithmic network operates on a fully redundant, professionally managed infrastructure monitored around-the-clock by the industry’s leading engineers. Co-located on the same floor as the major exchanges, the data center provides the ultimate routing and connectivity solution for the fast and reliable market data and order routing solution.

Easily scalable to accommodate massive amounts of users and connections, the hardware and software powering the engine are designed to take full advantage of all available resources on any server added to the farm. Utilization is constantly monitored and additional resources are easily added without service disruption.

Evolving Technology:

Staying on the leading edge of speed and reliability means constant research and development of new network, hardware and software technologies and designs. Rithmic is constantly searching for and testing new solutions to provide a faster and more robust means of processing as well as transporting data.


Rithmic was built for speed, both in terms of disseminating market data and order routing. Originally built for institutions and black box traders, this powerful trading engine is now available to all traders.


The Rithmic trading engine has 24-hour network, trading software, and hardware monitoring by some of the industry’s leading engineers. In addition, redundancies in every area were created for unmatched reliability.

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